All God’s Creatures Got a Place in the Choir.

A human being is a very precious thing, both to God and to society.  For our choir to sing with a full voice, we can’t afford to waste any of us.  At Prodigal Ministries, our goal is to help restore broken relationships – between man and God through redemption, man and self through renewing of the mind, and ultimately restoration to families and community.  This is the heart and soul of our ministry. It’s why we get up in the morning, it’s what we do all day, and it’s what keeps us hopeful for the future.

We provide much needed stability and support to former prisoners, helping them develop the community living skills and accountability that they’ll need to redirect their lives and to become productive citizens.  With God’s help, we achieve meaningful results, helping valuable individuals change their future and the direction for the next generations.

What we achieve means staggering impact for the lives we touch.  And if Prodigal’s success rate were matched by other programs, millions in taxpayer dollars could be saved. We’re faith based, but will work with anyone who has a true desire to change their life.  From the beginning, the “return to prison” rate for those Prodigal helps has been significantly lower than the state average.

There are over 20,000 people behind bars in the Commonwealth of Kentucky at an average cost of $21,900 per prisoner per year. Approximately, 3000 will be released this year.  If all agencies working with ex-offenders were to achieve a reduction in the return-to-prison rate similar to Prodigal’s, HUNDREDS of additional men and women would NOT return to prison, saving the Commonwealth MILLIONS OF DOLLARS every year.

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