Work opportunities provide hope and a second chance for achieving success to recently released ex-offenders who have been involved with the Prodigal Ministries. Employers are encouraged to participate in creating opportunities that can help individuals become law-abiding, productive citizens. Many are willing to start in minimum wage jobs that can offer a future.  Others have training and job skills that could be a perfect fit for your organizations employment needs. Either way, you’ll be helping change a life, and doing a service to the community.

And you won’t just be hiring an ex-offender, you’ll be hiring a person who has successfully completed the Prodigal Ministries’ program, and an employee with an established support group of caring friends who be continuing to work with them as their journey to becoming a whole and productive citizen continues.  Our goal is to ensure that success is the only option, and our track record speaks for itself.  We know that we’re asking a lot from you, as an employer, to take a chance on a person who has made mistakes — But we’re confident that what will be achieved by hiring a Prodigal Ministries’ client will make the effort one you won’t regret.

To inquire about employing one of our clients, please contact us.