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I am my Brother’s Keeper

Prodigal Ministries work is so important and your support matters.  There are many stories that could be shared. Stories of drug-free and sobriety milestones reached, of jobs secured, educational opportunities explored, independent living established, new community connections forged and the broken families reunited.

Without the support of a caring community, none of these stories would be possible.

Here’s one example:

“Lisa” served 10 years at the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women.  Upon release she became part of the Prodigal Ministries program. Being from out-of-town, Lisa felt alone and lost in a new city of this size. Her new and solid connections with Prodigal staff and other clients lessened her loneliness, provided the support she needed to start over and gave her the strength to get back on her feet.

She told us how much her family had suffered due to her incarceration, and how she had had no contact with them for several years.  Almost four years after her release she began seeing family members again, and they started inviting her to family functions.  Ten years after her release she summed up her journey, “Being with others who are starting their lives over, refuels me spiritually and reminds me of how beautiful second chances can be for all of those involved.”

Your care, prayers and contributions make stories like this possible.  For Prodigal Ministries to succeed in creating even more such journeys, additional help is always needed.