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Stories of Success

In 27 years’ time, Prodigal Ministries has touched more than 800 lives. The success stories we have included here are such a small representation of the lovely people we are privileged to call friends and forever family. You should know that as each of these much loved former clients muster up the courage and faith to continue going forward, they are also making a tremendous difference in the world and in the communities we live in!

Prodigal is faith-based, but will, and does, work with anyone who has a true desire to change their life. What our program achieves makes a significant impact in the lives we touch. We have found the recidivism rate for those who choose to embrace all Prodigal has to offer, is significantly lower than the state average.

Not only does Prodigal make a difference in the lives of our clients, but also in reducing the crime rate, and likewise, reducing financial debt for taxpayers across the Commonwealth. Here are a few of the lives that have changed for good…