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Second Chances

We believe in second chances! Prodigal’s re-entry program helps to increase public safety, lower taxes, revitalize communities and help stop the generational cycle of addiction, crime and incarceration. Our intent is to give every person a feeling of self-belief, confidence and self-worth so they can come to realize their full potential. We believe every human being is priceless, both to God, and to society. On average, a client’s typical stay is 3-6 months, while a year long commitment or more, is of much more benefit to them. It is quite amazing when you watch the broken take all that they learn, along with all that they are, and put all the pieces together, and begin to rebuild their lives. Miracles are not out of the ordinary at Prodigal Ministries, and we are blessed beyond measure to be a part of all that God does with just a few mustard seeds of faith!

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