What We Do

Our purpose is to serve the formerly incarcerated who are homeless, in need of food, clothing, shelter, second chances, and the means and motivation to rebuild their lives. As a Christ centered, faith based, prison aftercare program, we endeavor to help our clients avoid prison returns by a renewing of their minds in Christ, via role modeling, drug and alcohol counseling and mentoring programs. Given that 99% of our clients suffer from addictions, recovery from addictive illness is promoted, including active participation in Twelve Step programs.

In the Commonwealth it is no secret there is a major drug epidemic. This has caused the prison population to become a massively growing problem. Per the Kentucky Department of Corrections Inmate Profile Data, they currently house over 23,000 inmates. Over 95% of these offenders will be released from prison. Many have been released to communities across the Commonwealth with little programming or counseling to enable them to make better choices.

As a result of Prodigal Ministries’ programming and support, participants will be better equipped to cope with the daily stresses of life, refrain from substance abuse and avoid the cycle of criminal activity to meet their needs. This, in turn, helps their children and contributes to ending the generational cycle of incarceration. Without significant intervention, more than two-thirds of offenders are likely to return to prison because they are not equipped to cope with life in our society.

Positive, supportive re-entry is in the best interest of the community with respect to public safety, a more fully employed population, a decrease in substance abuse activities, and decrease in crime rates. With proper support, guidance and social networking, individuals returning from incarceration can contribute great value to the community.